Considines Bakery

Considines Bakery

Visit an authentic old world bakery

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Walk into Considine’s Bakery on Frances Street in the centre of the town. Talk to the staff. Talk to the bakers. Ask to have a look at their lovely ovens and gear. Buy some bread – lots of bread! Every town in Ireland used to have a bakery like Considine’s. But the others have vanished and Considine’s has survived, and thrived. 

The guys bake in the back of the shop and sell their breads from the front of the shop, as well as having a van on the road to deliver to local businesses throughout County Clare. They have survived because they bake wonderful breads, using good German flour – no GMO-saturated rubbish here. Look at the breads carefully: the crust is rich, the crumb is deep with flavour, and these are breads that satisfy, for they have structure, and time, lots of time, to prove, to improve.